KAWATATEC is located in Sakurai Nara Japan. We have moved forward in steps manufacturing chucks for lathes as our main products which are peripheral equipment for machine tools since we started its business in 1933. Then, we have expanded our business to include the manufacturing of pallet changers and tool changers, and sales of machining center accessories.
In the business of chucks for lathes in particular, we had specialized in the large-sized chucks and now our products have been adopted for most large lathes manufactured throughout the world.

Products Families

“NOBEL CHUCK” large-sized chucks for lathes
This equipment secures large circular components with remarkable precision. Large circular components are, for example, “wheels for trains,” “aircraft engine components” and “bearings for wind power generators” etc., and come in many sizes from those which can be held by one hand to those of several hundreds tons. NOBEL chuck secures these large components with strength and precision in order to cut them by machine tools. Large components are generally few in number but wide in variation and machining demands are likewise varied. That is why we design and offer equipment best suited for those components.

Pallet Chnager ・ Tool Changer
This equipment transfers workpieces to be machined by machine tools and tools for machining. The equipment is configured to utilize various drive devices such as servo motors, and serves to increase the added value of machine tools.

Machining Center Accessories
We base our product sales on our ability to make best solution proposals such as the mechanical type index table “TOUCHDEX” which has a unique structure.
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CAPITAL 38,000,000YEN


1933 Established “XXX” machinery plant, and started manufacturing of lathe chucks.
1945 Relocated to Abe, Sakurai City, and changed the company name to Kawata Iron Works.
1950 Adopted NOBEL as a trademark, and focused on lathe chucks.
1961 Restructured the company as a corporate organization, and changed our name to Kawata Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1965 Completed building a factory and focused on large chucks.
1971 Started sales of index chucks.
1979 Completed building a new company head office and the Abe factory.
Started export of large-sized steel chucks to the US.
1983 Started production of pallet changers for vertical lathes and square pallets.
1985 Completed building the Hashimoto first factory.
Started production of pallet changers for machining centers.
Started production of tool changers.
1992 Changed the company name to KAWATATEC CORP.
1996 Relocated the head office (Hashimoto).
2001 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
2004 Entered into a distributor agreement for TOUCHDEX with OML, S.R.L. in Italy.
2010 Started sales of GENIUS.
Started sales of the low-profile scroll chuck TM series.
2015 Completed building the fourth factory and a coating factory.

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