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Privacy Policy

【Policy on the Protection of Personal Information】
KAWATATEC CORP. (hereinafter, the “Company”) recognizes that it is important in conducting business activities to protect personal information.
The Company establishes its basic privacy policy as follows and commits to ensure its appropriate and safe management.
1.Collection and Use of Personal Information The Company collects personal information in an appropriate manner.
When the Company collects any personal information from you, it will do so to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, which shall be clearly specified in advance.
2.Providing Third Parties with Personal Information The Company will not provide or disclose your personal information to a third party without obtaining your consent unless otherwise required by relevant laws, etc. 3.Measures for Safe Management of Personal Information When using the collected personal information, the Company will implement appropriate measures to ensure safety and take precautionary measures to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure, etc. 4.Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations When managing your personal information, the Company will comply with laws and any other regulations, and industry guidelines. 5.Continuous Review of Personal Information Management The Company will continuously review and improve the mechanism for protection and management of the rules concerning handling of personal information as well as the organizational framework to enforce the rules so that operation will be performed effectively and appropriately as necessary in a sustainable manner. 6.Disclosure of Personal Information/Correction of, Addition to or Deletion of Contents/Suspension of Use/Elimination When you request disclosure, correction, deletion, etc., of your personal information kept by the Company for legitimate reasons, such as the inquiries concerning confirmation or correction of the same, etc., the Company will take prompt action in accordance with relevant laws, etc., within a reasonable and possible period and range. 7.Supervision of Contractors When using your personal information, the Company may entrust such personal information to a third party to the extent there are justifiable reasons.
The Company will oblige and supervise such contractor to strictly manage the personal information.
【Purpose of Use of Personal Information】
The Company recognizes the importance of personal information and keeps such personal information strictly confidential.
The personal information entered by you may be used for various correspondences (e-mail, telephone calls, etc.) regarding the Company’s businesses or as data for market trend analyses, customer satisfaction surveys, surveys and analyses for product development, etc.
Your name, address, telephone numbers (including mobile phone) and e-mail address may be provided to the Company’s partner company as a mailing label or as a list.
If you would like to confirm, correct, delete, etc., your own personal information, please contact the Company, and we will take prompt action within a reasonable extent in accordance with relevant laws.