Optimal for Multiproduct
Variable quantity production

SP series are Pallet changer which exchange the two independent pallets automatically. Machining of different parts or emergency parts, dividing machine process becomes possible by use the pallets individually.
Please watch an easy-to-understand 3D video explains the pallet changer SP series below.



Machining of different parts

Flexible manufacturing which matched the demand is performed by dividing the jigs to each pallet.

Two different parts with one machine

Special pallet for emergency parts

The setup time of jig shorten by having of some extra pallets to be exchanged according to installed jig.

Additional spare pallets (Optional) for emergency parts

Dividing machine process

Two machine processes at one machine can be performed in good balance by dividing machine processes at each pallet.

Two machine process with one machine



In shuttle type, the fastest pallet changing time
Also corresponding to mass-productive

The wide pallet area is suitable for the machining of small-sized parts that take time to setup. This system maximizes productivity without stopping the machine main axis.

The door which can open wide makes changing of jig or heavy workpiece easy

Ceiling crane, gantry type loader and so on are available.

Pallet change in auto mode with M code.

Insert M65 into the NC program. The pallets are changed automatically by reading M65 in condition that SETUP button is turned on after work setup.

Measure for chips

Three measures including air blow, coolant flush, and a gap switch for the pallet seating portion maximize the prevention of production interruptions due to chips.



Edge locator

Reduce XY direction alignment process.


Compatible with rotary tables by use of a cabletrack and automatic machining can be carried out by use of a hydraulic clamp jig.

Air clamp

This is an additional option for use of an automatic clamp jig using compressed air.
A slector switch is not included.